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Gluttony is one of our favorite deadly sins. Although you already know that the first of our sins is lust. Sharing a good meal, savoring a good wine or having a drink in the best company are just some of life's pleasures in which we are experts. We love to accompany you in each of the meetings in which we do gastronomic excursions. Especially because they symbolize the entrance to the evening that we are going to share.

The accompaniment service for gastronomic outings, by which we mean going out for a coffee or a few beers. Much like going for a burger before going to a concert or attending a wine tasting. There are many and diverse excursions that we have shared over the years. I notice a smile on my face as I write these words and I remember some of our outings.

But dinners are an important part of these evenings and one of our most requested services. We cannot forget that most of the day we spend working. Without a doubt, both we and you want to have a good time after so many hours of concentration.

That is why we show you in this section our VIP Escorts in Granada that make dinners. Choose between these beautiful ladies so that your evening is simply perfect. Or what is the same, unforgettable.

Decoracion left Escort VIP Aixa Decoracion right

It is the ideal company for your wettest encounters, full of eroticism and excitement like no other. Apart from its attractive features and passionate youth , this guide has a sculptural and natural body. Her naturalness, curious personality and sweet and enveloping character makes this young wo...

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Decoracion left Escort VIP Nora Decoracion right

This luxury escort is not only beautiful but also has an sculptural body incomparable in Andalusia. Having a date with her, under the Granada’s sky is a gift that only a few lucky ones can afford. Marina has a refined cultural level . She is also sensual, attractive and precious, distinguished ...

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Decoracion left Escort VIP Magdalena Decoracion right

Beautifully sculpted, this gorgeous Escort is reserved for those who want to indulge in luxury. Meet Debora. This exquisite young lady is sensitive, cultured and very affectionate. Without a doubt, she will be your desired lover. Let yourself be wrapped up in her endless legs and savour her volup...

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Decoracion left Escort VIP Ekia Decoracion right

Gorgeous, funny, stunning, fresh, passionate. These words are describing Marta's character. She is from Andalucia, and she just arrived at Escort Alhambra team. Let's imagine you knock on one door and Marta is opening the door. In your face will appears a big smile. This escort ...

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